Established in 2017 by siblings Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson, Dr. Norm's is a distinguished cannabis baked goods company headquartered in Los Angeles. Guided by a sincere commitment to honor their parents' legacy as healthcare professionals, the brand exudes trust and compassion in every aspect of their operations. Drawing inspiration from their father, Dr. Norman Koz, a revered M.D. known for his personalized and empathetic care, and their mother, Audrey, a dedicated pharmacist, and passionate baker, Dr. Norm's embarked on a mission to create a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation and amazing tasting products. At the heart of Dr. Norm's offerings lies a thoughtfully curated assortment of cannabis-infused treats. Their signature cookies, crafted from Audrey's original recipe, come in five delightful flavors, offering three dosage options and three strains to cater to a diverse clientele. Complementing their cookie collection are an array of delectable brownies, Salted Caramel Blondies, and Rice Krispy Treats, designed to delight the taste buds of cannabis enthusiasts. Dr. Norm's then introduced the industry's first and only nano-emulsified, fast-acting baked goods line, with a remarkable 15-minute onset time. The Dr. Norm's brand has become a well-respected presence in the market, with their delicious baked goods on the shelves of nearly 500 retail dispensaries and delivery services across the state. While Dr. Norm's is known for bringing joy to recreational users, they also demonstrate a deep commitment to addressing specific health conditions. Their medicinal product lines include SleepWell, featuring Sleep Gummies, Sleep Vape, and Sleep Bites, scientifically formulated to promote restful slumber and relaxation. They have recently unveiled their LiveWell line, with innovative products catering to those pursuing everyday health and wellness. And in development is a new product line designed to aid those suffering from minor and chronic pain. Inspired by their parents' commitment to healthcare and Audrey's magical cookies, Dr. Norm's was created to honor their legacy and now to satisfy their growing legion of dedicated fans. Website: drnorms.LA Instagram: @drnorms_ @drnormsofficial